Beach temporarily closed at Split Rock Creek State Park

Visitors to Split Rock Creek State Park in the southwestern corner of Minnesota will be able to camp, hike, geocache, and boat, but they will not be able to swim in Split Rock Lake this weekend.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officials have closed the park’s beach temporarily after test results from Pipestone County Public Health Services showed elevated fecal coliform counts following a recent manure spill.

“We regret having to close the beach right before Memorial Weekend,” said Jeff Sieve, state parks southern regional park operations supervisor, “but it’s the right thing to do. Fortunately, there are lots of other ways to have fun at Split Rock Creek State Park without swimming.”

“For example, we rent boats, canoes, and kayaks. Paddling on the creek or lake is a great way to spend a spring day,” said Rick White, manager of Split Rock Creek State Park.

Visitors can also search for geocaches hidden at the park as part of the Geocaching Wildlife Safari, view prairie wildflowers along the hiking trails, and birdwatch.

The state will retest Split Rock Lake water quality next week. The beach will reopen as soon as the water quality meets the standards set by the Minnesota Department of Health.

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