Wyoming man in grizzly bear attack

A Clark man is in the hospital with extensive injuries to his face after encountering a grizzly bear sow with three cubs Sunday afternoon.

The man fired three shots at the bear with a .41 caliber revolver, killing the bear.

Game & Fish has the three cubs, which are about a year old.

“The cubs are in our possession, and we are searching for a home for them but have not found one yet,” G&F bear management supervisor Mark Bruscino said.

The man was hiking north of Clark with a companion, who did not witness the encounter but came to his aid afterward.

“That’s all we know because we have not been able to communicate with him directly,” Bruscino said.

Powell ambulance responded, and the man was sent to a Billings hospital.

“As of last night, he had pretty serious injuries to his face,” Bruscino said.


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