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Staying Warm While Winter Camping
If you stop to take a water or snack break, store the outer shell of your mittens or gloves in your pack or attach them to your jacket with a clip. Sticking them under your arm makes it easier to have them blow away with a gust of wind. If you lose a mitten, use a spare sock as a substitute.

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Hot Dog Delight
Place a hot dog on a hot dog fork or one of your homemade wood sticks, and wrap a slice of bacon around it. Hold the bacon in place with a toothpick. Broil over hot coals in your campfire, being careful to hold it high enough over your coals, so it won’t burn. When the hot dog and bacon are cooked through, remove the toothpick and enjoy right off the stick or place it in a bun with your favorite condiments. Fun to make and eat!!!


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