My New Hunting Dog

About two weeks ago I got a dog as an early birthday present. She is only about nine weeks old. She is a black lab and is really calm, but likes to play too. Her name is Bailey, but my dad calls her Bailey Beans sometimes. I don’t know why, he is weird like that.
She is going to be a hunting dog. We are teaching her to get pheasants. We practice by throwing tennis balls and she is doing a great job. We also have her sniff pheasant feathers to get her used to the scent of birds. I think she will become a great hunter. I’m really excited to bring her hunting because we have some good spots where we live.
I haven’t bow hunted a lot for a while since slug season because I don’t slug hunt so I have been playing with Bailey a lot.
It is really hard to get her potty trained. Trust me. We give her a treat when she does something good as a reward like going potty or poopy outside or even doing a good job of retrieving, but we only give her one to three treats a day. She really likes to chew on bones too!

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