Spear hunting with Minnesota Vikings DE Jared Allen

Perched in his tree stand like some hulking primitive warrior, Jared Allen eyes his game.

Grasping a Cold Steel Samburu spear, he readies for the elk’s approach as it strides unknowingly into range. He raises the primeval javelin, quickly takes aim and slings the six-foot steel rod with full force. Perfect hit.

“Awesome, I feel like frickin’ Geronimo right now,” he says through teeth clenched by pure adrenaline.

Allen pumps his fist as the elk runs tail-down into the distance, only to keel over a few hundred yards away with the spear protruding from its shoulder.

This is what Allen calls hunting’s ultimate rush, an up-close and personal kill that requires all the talent and precision of his Native American ancestors.

Some might say Minnesota Vikings’ No. 69 is addicted to adrenaline, both on the field and off. His life has become a tale of two thrills, and with his recent discovery of spear hunting, his archaic connection with the primitive hunter is all the more relevant.

But Geronimo never made an NFL quarterback quiver. Allen, a tried and true football soldier, does it 16 times a year.


Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/04/09/spear-hunting-with-minnesota-vikings-de-jared-allen/#ixzz0mahLNHwD


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