Turkeys at Potters Swamp…

I’m not much of a Packer fan and I’m guilty of telling the occasional off-color “Sconie” joke, but our neighbors to the east put on a youth turkey season this year that will forever change the way I think of Wisconsin!

Several months ago Durk Stark from Kicking Bear One-on-One called and asked if I’d be interested in bringing my 10-year old son Theo to Potter’s Swamp in Pepin, WI for their first ever youth turkey hunt. It was a rhetorical question as I’m sure Durk knew I’d be interested and it would be pointless to ask Theo…he’s been begging for this opportunity since he witnessed me take my first turkey in 2008. My wife Kristin was ok with the concept but was a little sad at the prospect of being left out. So, we made arrangements for our two youngest kids to stay with their favorite aunt/uncle and turned this into a father/mother/son extravaganza! Adding to the excitement of the event was the fact that we were going to film a story for Minnesota Bound!


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