The friendly grouse that would not leave

Outdoor educators are not the best internet networkers. However, the Minnesota Master Naturalist Volunteers in Rochester, Minnesota, are using it to link their volunteers with organizations that need help. Another way to network is through groups like Midwest on the Fly on Linked

Solid Rock Photography (SRP) joined the Midwest on the Fly group because the owner of the group invited them after seeing their outdoor recreation columns. This resulted in hearing from Derick White, a fly fishing guide for Active Outdoor Concierge and Adventure Travel. He said he had a great fishing story. What SRP heard was not the expected story about the trout that got away.

April is always a month Derick looks forward to as a fly fisherman. Though the weather can be quite unpredictable, it is a time of year when the trout take his fly readily. This April was no different for him other then he decided to introduce his wife to fly fishing. They hired a guide from On The Fly Guide Service named, Dave Anderson, who took them to a small stream on private land where he had permission to guide.

That afternoon, Dave decided to catch a “caddis hatch” on this stream. The spot was an inside bend in a stream that was prime trout habitat!! As Dave prepared Derick’s wife’s rod, Derick rigged his. As Derick sat there, he heard something on the opposite bank. Suddenly a well camouflaged grouse appeared starring across the stream at him.

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