Walleye Fishing in Northern Minnesota

One question I get asked over and over is how do you consistently catch Walleye’s through the seasons in Northern Minnesota. Catching Walleye’s in Northern Minnesota is a fairly simple task. The key to Minnesota Walleye fishing is to find the food source. In the spring on Lakes Like Winnibigosh we look for shiners, large schools of shiners gathered on the big sand flats off the shoreline. The fish will gather there after the spawn and chew on these shiners. As fishing guides go this is the best bite of the season, you not only have the Walleye’s but also Northern and Perch up feeding on the shiners which makes for a great action bite.

As the season progresses the fish will start moving off shore, we look for midlake structure like humps, big bars or long points coming up from the main lake basin. This time of the year the bugs start hatching out in the mud, the fry will move out to this deeper water and so will the Walleye’s. At the beginning of this bite you can still use a jig and minnow presentation out in the deep water but as this progresses the bite will start moving to more of a leech or crawler. With this bite you have a couple options, we use a lindy rig with a 6-8 ft snell or we occasionally use a spinner.


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