Camping With Your Dog

Remember, not everyone is a "dog person". Do not allow your dog to approach someone unless they consent.

Ask campgrounds what their pet rules are when making reservations. Many camp-grounds have prohibitions on pets and others may limit the size of dogs they will allow.

Keep your dog on a leash at all times. Even a well-behaved dog may run off at the sight or scent of other animals. Additionally, don’t let your dog chase wild animals/game.

If you plan to leave them alone, keep in mind they can’t care for themselves. Make sure the temperature will be in a safe and reasonable range and that they are safely contained, fed and watered.

Dogs don’t sweat. Remember that dark colored dogs overheat more quickly than light colored dogs. A dip in a pond or a quick hosing down with cool water will help cool an overheated dog.

If you hike with your dog remember that he/she may not be able to go as far as you. Just like people, dogs must be conditioned for any performance activity.

Teach your dog a reliable, off-lease recall. You never know when they might get away from you and you will need to call them back.

Talk to your vet about camping and ask whether he/she thinks your puppy needs to be vaccinated for Lyme Disease. Ask for specific first aid instructions and about ‘must have’ items for your pet’s first aid kit.

Carry emergency information for your family and for your pet. If you should become injured the authorities will need to contact someone to care for your dog.

Dogs are not allowed on National Park or National Monument trails. On-leash dogs are permitted on or near the paved, developed areas, but that’s all. National Forests often allow dogs on their trails, but there are exceptions, so check first. Dogs are usually allowed on wilderness area trails but, check to be sure.

Be certain that the dog’s leash, snap, collar and buckle are in good condition and will not break if the dog suddenly lunges.

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