Stop aquatic hitchhikers!

If you are a water recreationist—boater, angler, water-skier, sailor, or canoeist—there are some important things you can do to prevent the transport of harmful invasive species from one lake or river to another. In Minnesota it is illegal to transport prohibited invasive species.


INSPECT your boat, trailer, and equipment and REMOVE visible aquatic plants, animals, and mud before leaving the water access.
DRAIN water from your boat, motor, bilge, live wells, and bait containers before leaving the water access.
SPRAY, RINSE, or DRY boats and recreational equipment to remove or kill species that were not visible when leaving a waterbody. Before transporting to another water:
Spray/rinse with high pressure, and/or hot tap water (above 120º F), especially if moored for more than a day; or
Dry for at least five days
DISPOSE of unwanted bait and other animals or aquatic plants in the trash.
REPORT new sightings of aquatic invasive species. If you suspect a new infestation of an invasive plant or animal, save a specimen and report it to a local natural resource office.

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